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Roof Repairs & Maintenance

Routine inspections and maintenance is one the most essential aspects of roof care and is a guaranteed way to avoid costly repairs.

Roof Cleaning

"Roof Shield" Maintenance System

Roof Coating

"Roof Shield" Coating System


At one point or another, every roof system needs to be replaced. At Roofing & Spouting NZ, we can help you with that.

Gutter Replacement

Have you noticed that your gutter is slowly breaking away? Rusting? Overflowing? In New Zealand, good quality guttering is vital.

Leaf Guard System

No one likes blocked gutters, especially when they can cause more damage than necessary. Blocked gutters and valley trays can not only cause outside problems but internal ones too, by damming and overflowing.

Roofing & Spouting NZ Provides Re-roofing in Auckland

Roofing & Spouting NZ brings our decades of experience in the industry to every job we perform for our valuable clients from repairs to complete reroofing in Auckland. No matter how well-built, every roof system will need to be replaced. We are here to help with our high-quality work done efficiently and at a competitive price.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Re-roofing

Most homeowners don’t spare their roof much thought until there is an issue, and it springs a leak. Waiting until that point before considering roof repair or replacement can be a costly mistake.

Benefits of Re-roofing From Roofing & Spouting NZ

The primary benefit of our re-roofing service is gaining a quality roof that will protect your home for years and decades to come.

Why Trust Roofing & Spouting NZ

Our clients put their trust in our decades of experience and our knowledge of all types of roofing. We offer advice based on that understanding to help guide our clients to the best options available for their roofs.

Customer experience

Save Time and Money with a Top-Rated Service

The roof replacement was completed in a professional and timely manner. I also appreciated your helpfulness, competence, friendliness and the advice you gave concerning the adjoining garage. Finally, the price you charged was very competitive in comparison to other quotations which was appreciated. I would be very happy to recommend your services in the future.

Thank you for the wonderful work. We had good communication, starting from responding to my voice mail within minutes and to meeting yesterday for finishing the job. Work was carried out safely and in a well planned manner. Team was friendly and demonstrated skills and experience. Great housekeeping during the re roofing process and parting with a clean site. It is a 5 STAR rating service in my view.

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