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At Roofing & Spouting NZ, we can upgrade your old tiled roof to look more modern and fresh.
Whether you’re renovating or simply wanting a new look, you can trust our team to deliver an exceptional service. Our team uses a superior flexible compound which bonds to the ridge caps, mortar and tiles.  Depending on the severity of the cracking in the mortar, repointing can be a less expensive option and has a five-year warranty.
  •  Repair or replace existing concrete ridge caps.
  •  Re point existing ridge caps using flexible mortar.
  •  Replace valley trays.
  •  Replace broken leaking tiles.
  •  Moss treatments.
  •  Lead apron flashing replacement.
  •  Roof coating.

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Roofing & Spouting NZ Repairs and Replaces Concrete Roof Tile

Roofing & Spouting NZ is well known for the quality of the work we provide and the excellent advice our team can offer homeowners considering repairs on all types of roofs, including concrete roof tile. A concrete tile roof can be an excellent option for your home, with its long-term durability and lower material cost than many other options, but even they can be subject to damage. If you have a cracked roof tile in need of repair or other issues, you can trust our team to handle them with efficiency and reliable quality of work.

Tips Regarding Concrete Roof Repairs

If you have a cracked tile or other damage to your roof, getting it fixed quickly is the best way to ensure that any damage caused by that leak is minimised. Follow these tips for the best results:
  • Make sure to work with a company that has a good reputation with safety. We dedicate ourselves to following Work Safe NZ standards to keep our team and everyone else on the site safe.
  • The best way to ensure your roof remains in good repair is with routine inspection and maintenance. Ask us about our options once we have repaired the damage.
  • We can repaint concrete roofs. If you have changed the colour of your home or just want something new, make sure to check out the available colour options we have to coat your roof.

Related Services Roofing & Spouting NZ Offer to Roof Tile Repair

Concrete roof tile repair is only one small aspect of the work we can provide for your roof, gutters and even ceilings. Over our decades in the industry, we have tackled roofing jobs from the smallest gutter repairs to complete re-roofing and everything in between. Here are a few of our related services:
  • Gutters play an essential role in protecting your home’s foundation from erosion. Of your spouting is pulling away from your home or leaking, we can repair or replace them. Our foam gutter guards are the perfect solution for roofs prone to clogging.
  • For older roofs, our restoration service can have it looking like new while protecting it from moss and leaks. We start by replacing all broken tiles and applying the moss treatment before moving to the ridge and barge caps. After pressure washing the roof tiles and gutter system, we apply a sealer and coat it with the paint colour of your choice.
  • A leaky roof often leads to water damage to the ceiling of your home. With our ceiling repair and replacement, you won’t have to deal with another company to fix this damage.

Why Trust Roofing & Spouting NZ Regarding Concrete Roof Repairs

A concrete roof comes with many benefits, but its main disadvantage is the difficulty of installation and repairs. If you have an issue with your roof, from a single cracked tile to problems with the entire roof requiring replacement, you can trust in our extensive experience. We have been offering repair and replacement of concrete roofs for over 25 years and understand the best way to repair them and keep them working their best. Contact us today to get a free quote and learn more about our services, including concrete roof repairs and replacement.

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