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Roof Shield NZMaintenance Program

Routine inspections and maintenance is one the most essential aspects of roof care and is a guaranteed way to avoid costly repairs. Let Roofing & Spouting NZ provide all the solutions for any of your roof problems.

Our members also receive a guaranteed 15% discount and priority response with all our services.

  • Moss treatments every 2 years
  • Up to 10 Broken leaking tiles replaced.
  • Gutters cleaned of large debris
  • 7 Point roof check and report.
  • Optional extra Drive ways, decks or fences treated.
  • Moss Treatments every 2 years
  • Up to 20 Loose nails or screws replaced.
  • Gutters cleaned of large debris
  • 7 Point roof check & report
  • Optional extra drive ways, decks or fences treated

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Why periodic roof maintenance in Auckland is so important

Have you noticed that it might be time for some roof maintenance on your Auckland home? Whether you feel as though your kerb appeal suffers from a dingy-looking roof or you've noticed some areas that look worse for wear, taking steps to fix the issue today is essential. At Roofing & Spouting NZ, our team is ready to spring into action to help address your concerns today.

Problems that a roof restoration from Roofing & Spouting NZ can address

What are some of the things with which we can help? Our broad base of skills and experience enable us to assist in addressing several issues our clients face, such as:
  • Broken tiles, damaged sections, worn away pointing, and other problems that occur as the result of time, wear and tear, or environmental damage. If you can pinpoint a problem with your roof, we likely know how to address the issue. Our complete roof restoration service involves an in-depth inspection of your structure so that we can formulate a clear plan of attack for addressing all problematic areas.
  • Leaks and other concerning regions of water infiltration owing to the damage mentioned above. In severe cases, a ceiling replacement may be necessary if water has made its way down inside your home. We’ll seal up these leaks and ensure that your roof is the waterproof shield it should be.
  • A degraded and grimy appearance thanks to years of accumulated dust, dirt, and other particles that settle out of the air. Our team pressure washes and re-coats your roof to give it a “like new” appearance
  • Financial constraints posed by the potential need for a complete roof replacement in Auckland. We’ve designed our service to provide extraordinary value and cost-effectiveness for our clients.

How we excel at providing roof restoration to Auckland

Why choose to bring our team to your home for work on your roof? Take a moment to consider what we offer to our clients:
  • We have nearly three decades of experience in the roofing industry, providing us with a wealth of knowledge about how to tackle these jobs. We know not only how to efficiently restore your roof to an excellent condition, but we also understand how to solve complicated and unique problems that can arise during our work. In 25+ years of work, we’ve seen almost every possible outcome with roofing — so we know what works and what doesn’t.
  • We offer highly competitive pricing to our clients because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy a safe roof over their head. Our lightweight team of experienced roofers can work quickly and effectively to deliver value to our clients, while we augment our abilities with additional experience when needed to provide our clients with the most robust solutions possible.
  • We have no restrictions on the types of roofing materials with which we work. Whether you have a tile roof, a clay installation, or even concrete roofing, our team’s skills are well-suited to helping you restore your home to a better condition. When you have a tricky problem that needs repair or roofing resurfacing, always make our team your first phone call — we’ll illuminate the options you have with realistic insights.

Why Roofing & Spouting NZ is a cost-effective option for roof maintenance

With experience comes an understanding of how handle common jobs quickly and more efficiently than most. Thanks to our well-developed knowledge of all the primary roofing materials used in New Zealand, we can provide your family with access to excellent service at a better price point. We stand behind our workmanship, too. To find out more about how we can help or arrange for a site visit and quote, please get in touch today.

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