At one point or another, every roof system needs to be replaced. At Roofing & Spouting NZ, we can help you with that.

Some common Signs that you need re-roofing include:

  • Dark patches on ceilings
  • Lead nail heads rolling off the roof and signs of rust
  • A crinkling sound when walking on the roof
  • Cracked and/or broken concrete tiles
  • When your concrete tile roof needs replacing, we are your go-to tile specialists. We can replace your tiled roof with New Monier concrete tiles.
  • Hacienda is a versatile concrete tile profile that combines traditional good looks with exceptional product performance.
  • Horizon is the ultimate flat concrete roof tile. Designed to deliver a streamlined look that integrates seamlessly with current trends in New Zealand architecture.
  • It’s visible when iron roofing needs to be replaced; you hear the nails rolling off of the roof and you can see rust.
  • Not only do we specialise in concrete tile roofs, but we also replace iron roofing.
  • When you come to us, not only is the roof replaced but in most cases, we will also bring the roof structure up to the current building regulations to make sure your asset is safe and secure.

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Roofing & Spouting NZ Provides Reroofing in Auckland

Roofing & Spouting NZ brings our decades of experience in the industry to every job we perform for our valuable clients from repairs to complete reroofing in Auckland. No matter how well-built, every roof system will need to be replaced. We are here to help with our high-quality work done efficiently and at a competitive price.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Reroofing

Most homeowners don’t spare their roof much thought until there is an issue, and it springs a leak. Waiting until that point before considering roof repair or replacement can be a costly mistake. When your roof has failed, and water is pouring through, your home and belongings could be subject to extensive water damage. You can prevent that from happening by looking out for the following potential roof issues:
  • You can start on the inside of your home. Check the beams in your attic for any signs of leaking or water damage. If you find dark spots or stains, especially streaking ones, contact us and let our experienced team examine it for potential issues.
  • For tile roofs, any damage to the roof including cracked or broken tiles are signs your roof is at least in need of repair. Broken tiles can allow water to seep under the roof and into the wooden structures below.
  • With iron roofing, look for any sign of rust on your roof and loose sheets. Another potential sign you need repair or replacement iron roofs is when you hear the nails rolling off. We do not only offer concrete tile roof replacements but handle iron roofing as well.

Benefits of Reroofing From Roofing & Spouting NZ Addresses

The primary benefit of our reroofing service is gaining a quality roof that will protect your home for years and decades to come. Here are a few of the specific benefits you can expect from the moment you call us for a quote, to the completion of your new roof:
  • We understand how having work performed on your home can be disruptive to you and your family. Without sacrificing the high quality of our workmanship, we aim for efficiency, completing most reroofing in two days.
  • With our other roof and gutter services, once we reroof your home, we can also protect it from the elements and other issues. Our gutter guards will keep your gutters clear of debris. We can also help prevent moss from growing on and damaging your roof.
  • Our high-quality New Monier concrete tiles are versatile and is supported with a 50 Year product warranty. Monier concrete tiles come in a variety of colours to match your home and personal style.

Why Trust Roofing & Spouting NZ Regarding Reroofing

Our clients put their trust in our decades of experience and our knowledge of all types of roofing. We offer advice based on that understanding to help guide our clients to the best options available for their roofs. The high-quality workmanship and our competitive rates ensure our clients get the most value out of the repair, reroof, or gutter services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can get your roof back in tip-top condition and help keep it there.

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